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Tibble & Wesler provides third party auditing services.  Audits offer a high level of assurance by providing a thorough examination of accounts.  Michigan non-profits with gross receipts of over $500K are required to file audited financial statements.  We are equipped to perform nonprofit audits, as well as audits for publicly traded companies.  


Reviews are not as comprehensive as audits, but provide limited assurances to third party interests.  It is intended to confirm that the financial statements have conformity and no material modifications have been made.


Compilations involve no investigation into accounts and offer no assurances.  They exist as a tool to help management prepare and provide formal financial statements.

Business Entity Selection

Partnership?  S-corp?  C-corp?  LLC?  Which one should you pick?  T&W can assist you in comparing your entity choices and can help you setup your business from start to finish.  

Business Valuations

Business valuations may be necessary or helpful in a variety of situations.  Buy-sell agreements, estate planning or family changes are just a few of the situations where this information may be helpful.  T&W can assist in evaluating your entity and provide valuable information to your situation.

Accounting Software Selection

Picking accounting software can be a daunting task.  We have experience with a range of programs and can assist your business with making the proper selection and setting it up correctly from the beginning.